Your place for total body care since 2003

Your body is working 24/7. Part of caring for your body, is taking the time to pause, and allow the body time to restore and renew. Massage and Bodywork allows your body to take that pause. Since no two people are the same, no two sessions should be the same. All our services are customized to your needs. Our massage therapists and aesthetician have years, if not decades, of experience. Our massage therapists continue to take advanced training classes. We are committed to excellence, taking pride in delivering personalized, dedicated service.


If you have been considering massage, facials or waxings, now is time to take care of yourself so you can feel like you are truly living and enjoying life again!


Why is our name Georgetown Massage LLC, even though we are in Groveland?

In 2003, the business was started in the center of Georgetown. The practice quickly grew and moved just over the Georgetown/Groveland line to an office that was not only large and newer, but, had ample parking and is handicap accessible.