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No matter which name you use, Bowen is unique in the field of bodywork.

Based upon the fact that the body is already “wired” to respond to a light touch,* Bowen’s light-touch approach is proven both safe and effective for all ages – from infants to the elderly – in addressing any condition of health or level of pain. The list of ailments that have responded to this technique is both remarkable and extensive. Chronic pain, injuries and, tension, quickly resolve. Bowen rapidly re-balances the body and eliminates these and other factors of ill health and pain usually with only 3-5 visits. By doing relatively few, gentle “moves” over muscle and fascia** the whole body, which had been on overload, resets and allows the body to begin healing itself. This may occur at all levels as needed, be they structural or functional, even if long-standing.

* Think of how quickly and precisely you slap a mosquito, which weights 1/1000th of an ounce, when it lands on your body.
** Connective tissue

Session are between 45-60 minutes

To ensure you have the time that best suits your needs, when booking, please book three Bowen Sessions 7-10 days apart. Because you stay fully clothed during the session, please wear loose comfortable clothing, no jeans or corduroy. Pain Relief with Bowen Therapy is an excellent video that explains Bowen, and shows a brief demo of what occurs during a session.

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